About Pishro Tech Parsian

Pishro Tak Parsian is the owner of Royal 1 cigarette brand in Iran. The brand was registered in the Trademark Office in 2013 and in the Shushab Malayer industrial town of Hamedan province to launch and produce this cigar in Super Slim and Slim designs, a major change in the cigarette industry in the country.


Company prospects

Given that one of the major problems in the tobacco industry is the shortage of tobacco-to-tobacco converters, consumers cannot afford to buy tobacco from farmers. (Currently, only the Iranian Tobacco Company has this device.)

One of the plans of the company is to introduce primers to convert tobacco leaves into usable tobacco, thereby creating a major shift in the tobacco cultivation industry in Iran.

Leading Tec Parsian Company plans to launch the Tobacco Tobacco Production phase with the launch of the Tobacco Production Phase which is currently part of it. The Royal 1 brand has been able to gain a large share of the Iranian consumer market in recent years and to neighboring countries.

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